Happy A(xon)niversary

AXON was launched one year ago!

9/29/20232 min read

Thank you so much for supporting us! And for believing in our vision.

AXON was launched approximately one year ago on August 23, 2022. Hurray!

Mental health is something that affects all of us, and it is as important as physical health. AXON was founded on this vision - to enrich lives through mental health education.

Dedicated to increasing awareness about the neuroscience, psychology, and mental health fields, AXON as an educational non-profit organization registered in Tennessee has catered to over 150 students from minority-serving institutions since our founding in fall 2022. Our first chapter was created at Fisk University, a predominantly black institution in Nashville, Tennessee USA, where we were crowned as the educational organization of the year in April 2023 for our work on increasing mental health awareness. We believe everyone should have access to education on mental health, neuroscience, and psychology so that we can understand how best to navigate the world we live in. How well we are in our minds will determine how well we show up in everyday life.

From our first year of running till today, we have connected resource persons from institutions across the United States, including Meharry Medical College, Harvard Medical School, Vanderbilt University, Johns Hopkins Medicine and Fisk University, to underrepresented students in the neuroscience and psychology fields, to give talks to them on career pathways as well as contemporary concepts in these fields. As a result of these seminars, multiple members of AXON participated in Summer 2023 neuroscience internships at top institutions like the Chan-Zuckerberg Biohub, Oregon Health & Science University, Johns Hopkins University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We have also fundraised for scholarships for low-income students including a $250 scholarship we gave last year to a student at Fisk University. Our website, axonuniversity.com, which launched a month ago has been viewed over 1000 times. Generous contributions from supporters, as well as technology grants from Amazon Web Services Activate Program & Harvard Innovation Labs have placed our funding for mental health education so far at over $1500. We are exceedingly grateful for all your support and we look forward to continuing to serve you.

We believe in ensuring that more students who come from institutions with little to no education in neuroscience, psychology, and mental health are given a chance to learn about the mind-brain connection, explore, and possibly pursue careers in such fields.

To remain up to date on happenings at AXON, feel free to visit our Instagram and LinkedIn pages via the links below. Thank you for sticking with us!


Chibuikem S. Iheagwaram

Founder & CEO,

AXON Neuroscience Foundation

Members of AXON Neuroscience Club at Fisk University celebrating our 1-year anniversary